Meal Assistance Fund

The Terre Haute Area Meals on Wheels program offers options for home meal delivery, based on the needs of the individual. Our meals have a very minimal cost associated with them, but even then some members of our community struggle to pay for meals when they need them most. We can only offer this assistance as long as we have the community support to do so.

You have a few ways you can contribute to our Meal Assistance Fund, which is designed to help off-set the cost of meals for our clients.

1. If you know of a specific person on our program, you can use our Pay For Meals form and list their name in the box asking who the meals are purchased for.

2. If you do not know of a specific person, you can contribute a general donation to the Meal Assistance Fund to be used for anyone our staff determines is eligible for assistance. You can put the word "assistance" in the box asking who the meals are purchased for.

Donor Tip: You can choose to set up recurring donations to our Assistance Fund with your first contribution if you wish to contribute weekly or monthly.

Here are some thoughts as you consider your donation to this fund:

  • Our daily price for meals is only $2.50 a day for a cold meal, $4.00 for a hot meal, or the discounted price of $5.50 a day to receive both meals.
  • While we do accept EBT (food stamps) as payment, many clients needing help for our meals do not receive enough monthly assistance in this form to pay for on-going meals.
  • When our staff determines that someone is eligible for assistance, we can offer 1 meal a day (meal may be hot or cold depending on availablility, and clients receive extra meals on Friday for the weekend) for free.
  • For a little over $100 you can provide someone with a hot meal, every day, for a whole month.
Thank you for helping those in Vigo County who need nutritious meals, and for helping us deliver them!

And a special THANK YOU to these organizations that have contributed to our Meal Assistance Fund!