About Us

Our Mission:

To deliver nutritious meals, a safety check, and a smile, serving as a lifeline to seniors of limited mobility, the disabled, sick, or homebound community.

Our Vision:

Meals on Wheels envisions a future where our clients receive the support necessary through home meal delivery and daily contact to stay in their own homes equaling a happier, more independent lifestyle.


Meals On Wheels America (MOWA) is the oldest and largest organization in the United States representing those who provide meal services to people in need. MOWA works toward the social, physical, nutritional, and economic betterment of vulnerable Americans. Meals On Wheels America provides the tools and information its programs need to make a difference in the lives of others. MOWA is a Member organization, and its Membership comprises of Senior Nutrition Programs in the United States. MOWA Member programs throughout the country provide nutritious meals and other nutrition services to men and women who are elderly, homebound, disabled, frail, or at risk. These services significantly improve the quality of life and health of the individuals they serve and postpone early institutionalization. As a national organization, MOWA focuses on those issues that can best assist its Member programs in achieving their individual missions of providing quality meals and nutrition services to as many vulnerable people as possible in the most efficient and effective manner.